How to Calibrate Your Monitor on Windows or MacModern desktop operating systems such as Windows and Mac OS X offer built-in tools for Enhancing digital photography by calibrating your monitor
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“> calibrate the brightness, contrast, gamma, and color levels of your display. This can help make text easier to read and pictures and videos with more accurate colors.
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Certainly digital photographers will want to use color measuring devices for this. If you don’t have such a tool and just want to make some quick adjustments, you can just do it with your eyes.
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Before doing any of these steps, make sure you are using the display’s native resolution.

Use the on-screen controls on your monitor

If you have a monitor with onscreen controls, by pressing these buttons you can set the options without anything happening: use the Lagom LCD monitor test pages (or similar online tool) and you get on the Test Pattern screen that you can view as you calibrate the various settings. Go through the pages one at a time explaining what to look for when adjusting the various settings on your monitor.
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If you don’t have such onscreen buttons, let’s say you have a laptop, for example – you can also use the tools built into Windows and Mac OS X.

Windows 10, 8.1, 8 and 7

Windows has had a display calibration tool since Windows 7. To open it, start the Control Panel. In Windows 10 or 8.1, you can do this by right-clicking the Start button and selecting “Control Panel.”
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Click “Hardware and Sound” in Control Panel, click “Display” and then click the “Calibrate Color” link on the left side of the Display panel.
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You can also open the start menu, type “calibrate” in the search box, and click the “Calibrate display color” shortcut that appears to launch the calibration tool directly.

The Display Color Calibration Tool is displayed. This tool walks you through adjusting the various options – gamma, brightness, contrast, and color balance – and explains which option and what you will need as you adjust each option. Windows does a very good job of explaining what you need to know. So just keep reading as you go through the wizard.

Mac OS X

Mac OS X has its own display calibration tool. To open it, click the Apple menu in the menu bar at the top of the screen and choose System Preferences. Click the “Show” option in the list.

Click the “Color” tab at the top of the window, and then click the “Calibrate” button.

This will open the Apple Display Calibrator Assistant. It walks you through calibrating the various settings of the display, explains what you need to know, and how to choose the ideal option along the way. Different settings can be available on different displays. The wizard explains what you need to know and what you should pay attention to when adjusting various settings.

Modern Linux desktop environments can also include display and color calibration in their control panels. Of course, if you’re using a Linux desktop, you can just load up the color calibration website and adjust the settings on your monitor yourself.

Chromebooks and Chromeboxes don’t have built-in tools for this just not built into Chrome OS. However, if you’re using a Chromebook with an external monitor or Chromebox, you can use the webpages above and use the buttons on the monitor to adjust the settings yourself.
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